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Pas de deux or arabesque
The occupation is grotesque


UP UP with education
DOWN DOWN with deportation

Anti-Prison, Education, Immigration

How do we fix the deficit?
End the war! Tax the Rich!

Austerity, OWS, Peace

Your burgers may be square,
But your food ain't fair!

Humor, Labor

Our education is under attack
So stand with us: stand up, fight back!

Education, Multi-purpose

Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
All these cops and politicians--
We don't need 'em, need 'em!

Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
Tell the racist GOP--
We don't need 'em, need 'em!

Funky, Immigration, Police

1234 open up the prison doors
5678 we don't want a prison state


[What do we want?] Justice!
[When do we want it?] Now!
[If you want justice] Raise up your fists!
[If you want freedom] We must resist!

Housing, Immigration, Labor, Multi-purpose

New York wa-tah
Keep it like you oughta!


Immigrants are not to blame!
No U.S. terror in our name

Immigration, Peace

No borders! No nations!
Stop the deportations!

Anti-Prison, Immigration

War Machine, Hey fuck you!
We deserve a future too!


Hey Cuomo we're no fools
You can't privatize our schools


Don't eat square burgers
'Til they pay their farmworkers

Farmworker, Funky, Humor

Once you frack, you can't go back!


We gotta beat back the bank attack.
We gotta beat beat back that bank attack!

Funky, Multi-purpose, OWS

Not the church, not the state,
Women must decide their fate!

Reproductive Justice

In the domestic industry
We will beat back slavery!
In the workplace & in the home
A woman's worth will be known
Yeah, in our homeland & this country
No justice, no peace!
Say No no no no no! No no no no no!


¡Arriba trabajadores!
¡Abajo explotadores!

Labor, Spanish

(repeat line by line, call and response)
From Iraq to Palestine
Occupation is a crime!
In Korea and the Philippines
We will stop the war machine!
In the Latin American nations
We will end globalization!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Peace, Pro-Palestine

From Ferguson to NYC
End Police Brutality


On strike: shut it down!
New York is a union town!

Labor, OWS

Black, White, Gay, Straight
Love Does Not Discriminate!


Se ve, se siente
¡El pueblo esta presente!
Se ve, se escucha
¡Estamos en la lucha!


Hey hey ho ho
Slavery has got to go/Immunity has got to go/Trafficking has got to go


We don't want a prison nation
Stop mass incarceration


Queers can march in Dublin, Queers can march in Cork.
Why can't queers march in New York?


Sexist, racist, anti-gay! NYPD, GO AWAY


Cops and borders, we don't need 'em
What we want is total freedom.

Immigration, Police

From Palestine to Mexico
All these walls have got to go


¡Luchar, crear!
¡Poder popular!


Wall Street, Wall Street, take a hike!
Now's the time for General Strike!

OWS, Revolution

No hate!
No bigotry!
No Muslim registry!


Ojos rojos,
¡Manos quemadas!
Los quimicos matan
¡Y no nos dan nada!

Labor, Spanish

The Boss is sure an SOB
But he's nobody's clown
He'll hire me and fire you
to keep our wages down

Humor, Labor

*to the chorus of "Shake your Booty"
Pay pay pay, pay pay pay! Pay your workers! Pay your workers!

Funky, Labor

Hands up to the sky,
We're doing this for Akai.


We won't stand down
So we gotta stand UP!


Money for jobs and education;
not for war and occupation/not for giant corporations

Education, Labor, Multi-purpose, Peace

Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
All these racist killer cops:
We don't need em! need em!


Cut tuition! Cut fees!
Education should be free.


¡La renta sube, sube!
¡El pueblo sufre, sufre!

Housing, Spanish

Out of the closets, and into the streets!
All unite! Fight for our rights!




What don't we want? Incremental reforms! [or substitute]
When don't we want them? Ten years from now!


Rise up! Get down! There's revolution in this town!

Funky, OWS, Peace, Revolution

Detention centers? We say no
Solitary's got to go


Gay, straight, black, white,
All unite for women's rights!

Reproductive Justice

We're Here, we're Queer,
-we're fabulous, don't fuck with us
-we're snuggling with your cats
-we're coming over for dinner
-we're sharks, we're gonna eat you!

Funky, Humor, Queer

Say up with the people (yeah yeah) And down with the banks (boom boom) x2

Funky, Multi-purpose, OWS