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Out of the closets, and into the streets!
All unite! Fight for our rights!


Don't eat square burgers
'Til they pay their farmworkers

Farmworker, Funky, Humor

We don't want a prison nation
Stop mass incarceration


Your burgers may be square,
But your food ain't fair!

Humor, Labor

No hate!
No bigotry!
No Muslim registry!


The Boss is sure an SOB
But he's nobody's clown
He'll hire me and fire you
to keep our wages down

Humor, Labor

Wall Street, Wall Street, hey, fuck you
We deserve a future, too!


NYU, we won't let you keep building off our debt!

Education, OWS

Fuck your assimilation
-we want trans liberation
-we want our liberation

Funky, Queer

Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
All these racist killer cops:
We don't need em! need em!


Queers can march in Dublin, Queers are here to say:
Why can't queers, March in your parade?


Queers: Don't deny it!
Stonewall was a riot!


What's the reaction? Di-rect action!
What's the solution? Revolution!

OWS, Revolution

For Deceptacon:
Down with the Man and his drills, his drills, his drills
Down with the Man and his hydrofracking toxins