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Black Lives Matter, Police

Con la violencia, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra la transfobia, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra tu machismo, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra tu racismo, ni un grado de paciencia.

Queer, Spanish

We gotta beat back the bank attack.
We gotta beat beat back that bank attack!

Funky, Multi-purpose, OWS

Hey hey, ho ho, ableism has got to go


(repeat line by line, call and response)
From Iraq to Palestine
Occupation is a crime!
In Korea and the Philippines
We will stop the war machine!
In the Latin American nations
We will end globalization!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Peace, Pro-Palestine

Boots, boots, boots on the ground
We’re here, we’re here, to shut this war/shit down

Black Lives Matter, Peace, Police

Rise up! Get down! There's revolution in this town!

Funky, OWS, Peace, Revolution

Detention centers? We say no
Solitary's got to go


There is only one solution: Intifada revolution!


Dismiss, disarm, disband the police!
The whole damn system is guilty as hell!


From Palestine to Mexico, all these walls have got to go!
From Palestine to Mexico, border walls have got to go!
From Palestine to Mexico, all these borders got to go!

Immigration, Pro-Palestine

No justice, no peace!
No racist police!


[Palestine/Land Back] is our demand, no peace on stolen land!

Land Back, Pro-Palestine

Hey, hey, ho ho: where did all the money go?
Show. Me. The money!

Funky, OWS

Down, down, with fossil fuels
Up, up, with renewables


How do we fix the deficit?
End the war! Tax the Rich!

Austerity, OWS, Peace

(Supermarket), shame on you!
Farmworkers deserve rights, too!

Farmworker, Labor

Abortion is healthcare
Healthcare is a right

Reproductive Justice

Corporate greed
We must fight
Education is a right!

Education, OWS

¡Patriarcado y capital, son la mafia criminal!
¡Patriarcado y capital, son la mafia criminal!
¡Patriarcado y capital, son la mafia criminal!
¡Patriarcado y capital, son la mafia criminal!

Queer, Spanish

We don't want a prison nation
Stop mass incarceration


¡Si, Si, Si!
¡Como no!
¡El dueño del (carwash) nos robó!

Labor, Spanish

Hey hey! Ho ho! Transphobia has got to go!


Show me what democracy looks like
This is what democracy looks like
Show me what community looks like
This is what community looks like
Show me what solidarity looks like
This is what solidarity looks like
Show me what abolition looks like
This is what abolition looks like

Black Lives Matter, Multi-purpose

Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
All these racist killer cops:
We don't need em! need em!


Black lives, they matter here
All Black lives, they matter here
Black Trans lives, they matter here

Black Lives Matter

Keep your rosaries off our ovaries

Reproductive Justice

Give all that you can
Take only what you need

Disability, Multi-purpose



Say up with the people (yeah yeah) And down with the banks (boom boom) x2

Funky, Multi-purpose, OWS

Queers can march in Dublin, Queers can march in Cork.
Why can't queers march in New York?


From New York to Gaza! Globalize the Intifada!


Cut the crap
end corporate greed
Give this nation
what we need


Stop and frisk, prison gates
Do not make our city safe


Hands up to the sky,
We're doing this for Akai.


Sexist, racist, anti-gay! NYPD, GO AWAY


Ojos rojos,
¡Manos quemadas!
Los quimicos matan
¡Y no nos dan nada!

Labor, Spanish

Champagne, caviar
Tell us where our good jobs are


Love, not hate, Makes America great!!


Wanna know what all the fuss is?
We are standing up for justice!


1, 2, 3, 4, abortion is worth fighting for!
5, 6, 7, 8, our hopes and dreams are what’s at stake!

1, 2, 3, 4, free abortion's what we're for!
5, 6, 7, 8, fuck the christofascist state!

1, 2, 3, 4, open up the clinic door!
5, 6, 7, 8, separate the church and state!

Multi-purpose, Reproductive Justice

Queers: Don't deny it!
Stonewall was a riot!


¡Con falda o pantalón, respétame cabrón!

Queer, Spanish

Cops and borders, we don't need 'em
What we want is total freedom.

Immigration, Police

Occupy! Shut 'em down!
New York is the people's town!

Multi-purpose, OWS, Revolution

Turn up, don't turn down,
We're doing this for Mike Brown.


We are the earth
We are the sea
We won’t stop fighting til
We are free


Fuck your assimilation
-we want trans liberation
-we want our liberation

Funky, Queer

Who keeps us safe?
We keep us safe!

Who shuts shit down?
We shut shit down!

Black Lives Matter, Disability, Multi-purpose

Refugees In! Racists out!