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The Boss is sure an SOB
But he's nobody's clown
He'll hire me and fire you
to keep our wages down

Humor, Labor

Por nuestras muertas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras presas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras desaparecidas ... ¡Toda una vida de lucha!
Por nuestras vidas ¡Revolución trans y unidas!

Queer, Spanish

Our education is under attack
So stand with us: stand up, fight back!

Education, Multi-purpose

Con la violencia, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra la transfobia, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra tu machismo, ni un grado de paciencia.
Contra tu racismo, ni un grado de paciencia.

Queer, Spanish

Wall Street, Wall Street, take a hike!
Now's the time for General Strike!

OWS, Revolution

Love, not hate, Makes America great!!


Back up! Back up!
We want freedom! Freedom!
All these racist killer cops:
We don't need em! need em!


Too many brothers and sisters in jail;
Barred from citizenship and set up to fail.

Anti-Prison, Immigration

Cut the crap
end corporate greed
Give this nation
what we need


Corporate greed
We must fight
Education is a right!

Education, OWS

¡Aqui estamos y no nos vamos!
¡Y si nos echan, nos regresamos!

Multi-purpose, Spanish

Fuck your assimilation
-we want trans liberation
-we want our liberation

Funky, Queer

Say up with the people (yeah yeah) And down with the banks (boom boom) x2

Funky, Multi-purpose, OWS

You’re standing on Lenape lands!
Put them back in Native hands!

Climate, Land Back

Stop! Stop! Funding war
Go! Go! Support the poor

Austerity, OWS, Peace

We want change, and we don't mean pennies!

Humor, Labor, Multi-purpose

Las luchas obreras
No tienen fronteras

Labor, Spanish

Pas de deux or arabesque
The occupation is grotesque


We're not back--we never left!
We won't stand for Wall Street's theft!

Austerity, OWS

Ojos rojos,
¡Manos quemadas!
Los quimicos matan
¡Y no nos dan nada!

Labor, Spanish

[Politician/Corporation], don't you dare
Frack our water and our air!


¡A la bio a la bio la transphobia pal carajo!
¡A la bim a la bom no más opresión!

Queer, Spanish

Corporate Greed/We must fight
Waging war/is not a right!

(Old English Versions)
Corporate Greed, Ye shall fight
Waging war shall be not right


El que no brinque, es Tranfobico
El que no brinque, es Tranfobico
El que no brinque, es Tranfobico

Queer, Spanish

Hands up to the sky,
We're doing this for Akai.


Immigrants are not to blame!
No U.S. terror in our name

Immigration, Peace

¿Y cómo? Y cómo, Y cómo es la Chingada? Nos matan en la cara de la gente!!I
Y ni Tu, ni nadie, dice nada ...

Queer, Spanish

For Deceptacon:
Down with the Man and his drills, his drills, his drills
Down with the Man and his hydrofracking toxins