Full of RMO Love

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Arrangement of "Full of Love" by Dr. Calculus (1986), a project of Stephen Duffy, bassist for Duran Duran and member of 80s groups Tin Tin and The Lilac Time.

NOTE: There are 2 versions of the sheet music below. The PDF files with the "wo" bit in the filename are the written-out 2 page versions. The other files are one page compact versions (except the drum chart which is written-out).

Song facilitator Notes BElow . . .


Dr. Calculus - arranged by r 'n c

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--- Full of RMO Love facilitator notes ---

- 'Full of rmo love' is a 'song' but the parts are interchangeable between sections like a 'riff'. It's helpful to check out the arrangement notes included in the sheet music.

- The song's form is: Intro; Core(abacd etc) x2; 'Bridge'(e, solos ok) x4; Ending (bass line x2). Tempo around 94bpm ?

- The 'bass line' is not necessarily the bass 'part'. It's good if low brass plays the bass line for the intro and the song's last 2 measures BUT not required if others cover it. **Low brass should definitely play the melody in part E ('bridge')

- Drums carry the song so the beat needs to be strong. Drums rest the last half measure of intro (7th measure) and last half measure of drum solo/chant section (8th measure of part D). Drums click the song in and continue to click for first 2 measures of before starting beat.

- The backbeat is not required at all but certainly nice. Not everyone should play backbeat during section D which is primarily drum solo and chant time.

- Harmonies and other stuff: Really nice if players do a call-and-response for the B part - some players playing the 1st and 3rd times and others playing 2nd and 4th times. Check out harmonies and their instructions in the sheet music. Feel free to make up you're own harmonies.

- Intro: play the chords loud and strong.

. . .You have to let go
your mind goes yo"



::::: Full of rmo love drum cheat sheet ::::

Click first 2 measures, start playing at 3rd measure. 7th measure rest is on 3 and 4. (ie: "7, 2, rest, rest" - Melody goes "beepbeep, beepbeep")

SONG CORE (runs 2x):
D section is an 8 bar DRUM SOLO (kick it if there's no chanting!). 8th measure - rest on 3 and 4 (ie: "8, 2, rest, rest").

BRIDGE (end section):
Remember to stop on time at the end of the last 2 Measures (the whole band playing bass line in unison).

Listen to the sound file just once and you got it!

Missing the 3 half-measure rests isn't critical *but* it adds a lot to the song if you get 'em and helps cue the band.