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Los Fabulosos Cadillacs was one of the first Argentinian bands that started fusing rock and pop music with traditional South American rhythms back in the mid-80s. Their song “Matador”, released in the early 90s, is about police repression and the people who “are fighting for a better world” that become its victims, portraying them as martyrs of resistance. The protagonist in the lyrics has decided to take his fight for truth, peace, and justice to the bitter end; he is waiting in a rented room, rifle in hand, for the police to come and take his life. “Matador” also makes a reference to Victor Jara, a revolutionary Chilean singer/songwriter who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by Pinochet’s goverment after the coup in 1973 (”Victor Jara no calla”, meaning, “Victor Jara will not be silent”).
The rather confusing video of “Matador” won the MTV Latino Video Music Award in 1994 and increased the band’s popularity, making the song their trademark hit.

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Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Argentina, arr. by Bruno