Migration is Human

Arrangement related sound file(s): 

The first sound file above is a midi from the arrangement The second two sound files extend the formal arrangement.

1) Midi of the arrangement in the sheet music.

2) RMO accompanied by members of the Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble (Montréal), Tint(a)nar (Québec) and the Brass Liberation Orchestra (San Francisco/Oakland). Recorded at Café L'Artère on May 18, 2013 as part of «Squeak!», fifth edition of the Cultural Insurrection Convention.n

3) Migration by the NYC sister band Himilayas

The words from Ros are:
"Migration is movement movement is human"

The full form will be something like
Singing,A,A,B,A, drum break, singing, A,A,B,A