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Morning is a sacred harp song from 1799. Traditionally sung in 4 parts at the top of one's lungs in a room where each part faces each other in a square with conductor in the middle. Typically it is an activity, not a performance. This music often took traditional folk melodies of the time and arranged them with 4 parts with new lyrics, typically about God and Hell fire and such.. this one is rather apocalyptic with Cherubic Legions guarding Gods condo in the clouds and other such fairy tales... This is our attempt to take it back and return it to its heavy metal folk roots in the streets of NYC.

We rise by millions, workers rise!
And fill the streets with freedom's song.
A glorious radiance fills the sky--
A sudden trembling shakes the ground!


Sacred Harp Song Book

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Play Loud and Slow!

We sing it one time through, then the drums bring us in for a metal finish!

Audio files for individual singing parts: