Rude Mos Love Y'all!

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Another of RMO’s anthems, the song “Pharaohs Love Y’all” was recorded by The Pharaohs, a seminal early 70’s Afro-funk band from Chicago. The group, comprised of musicians from Chicago’s Afrocentric arts scene and Black Nationalist activists, went on to form the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire.


The Pharoahs

Sheet Music: 

Song structure: The Pharoahs song consists of a simple phrase repeated over and over, broken by chanting, a solo section, and more chanting. The first chant is a call and response, "Who are we?" "The Rude Mechanicals!," performed four times. During the final "The Rude Mechanicals!" all instruments drop out. The second chant is "Hey! RudeMos Love Y'all!," performed four times. The song ends with a ba dum bum ba immediately after.

Solo notes:
Song structure is 12-bar blues. Solos are 12 measures, unlimited in number. If Jen is there, the solo section ends with her flute solo.

E-flat instruments:
Use the same notes as a C Major scale, but the "home note" is D:


C Instruments:
Use the same notes as a E♭ Major scale, but the "home note" is F:

F G A♭ B♭ C D E♭

B-flat instruments:
Use the same notes as a F Major scale, but the "home note" is G:

G A B♭ C D E F

Solo ends with the second chromatic motif by the bass section. (Or, the solo is the length of two choruses.)