We Shall Overcome/Murga

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We borrowed this arrangement from the Brass Liberation Orchestra, our colleagues in San Francisco. This is how the BLO describes the arrangement: "Famous anthem of the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Sung by many vocal groups of the Black freedom movement, jazz musicians such as Abbey Lincoln and Nina Simone sang the song in a jazz context. Drummer Max Roach wrote a jazz suite with the song as a musical theme. BLO members Josh Sperry and Marco Peris created our arrangement, which we play over an Argentinian 'Murga' beat."


Arr. by Brass Liberation Orchestra


We begin with the vamping/solo section ("Murga"), played until we tire of it, then "We Shall Overcome." And repeat.

The end of the solo section is signaled by a snare solo as the last solo. We generally go through the whole arrangement twice, i.e., Murga-WSO-Murga-WSO, unless circumstances indicate repeating it more.