RMO and Make the Road Fundraiser

Green fundraiser poster. Buy some art to support with RMO and Make the Road!

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Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Make the Road are launching a fundraiser!

100% of all sales are being split 50/50 with Make the Road NY and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

While RMO is happy to play gigs regardless of pay, the pandemic has caused us to lose out on many of our regular gig opportunities, some of which were paying gigs. Therefore, like so many bands out there right now, we are unfortunately low on our budget, and we need just a bit of help to make sure that we can pay rent for our practice space in DUMBO, among other miscellaneous expenses.

With your donation of $55, $25 goes to each organization and $5 covers shipping costs.

Low on funds but still want to help out? Use coupon code THIRTYFIVE to donate $35, or TWENTYFIVE to donate $25.


Make the Road integrates four core strategies for concrete change:

  1. Legal and Survival Services to tackle discrimination, abuse and poverty;
  2. Transformative Education to develop community members’ abilities to lead our organization, our movement, and society;
  3. Community Organizing to transform the systems and power structures impacting our communities; and
  4. Policy Innovation to rewrite unjust rules and make our democracy truly accountable to all of us.

Make the Road’s staff and members repeat a common refrain: “Make the Road is my second home.” Regardless of immigration status, race, or gender identity, all find safety, support, and solidarity, building the power to change not just one case, but entire systems.


Formed in 2004, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra is an NYC-based radical marching band. Through performing music and chant support at rallies, protests, marches, picket lines and more, RMO serves the efforts of progressive and radical causes, including but not limited to: racial equality, feminism and women’s rights, immigrant rights, trans and queer rights, labor, the environment, peace, community self-determination, and social and economic justice. Internally, RMO members work to create a safe, welcoming place for all genders and gender identities, ages, races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and abilities by functioning through consensus-based decision-making and not discriminating on the basis of musical ability. RMO pays tribute to the revolutionary role music has played throughout history and today.

Please share widely, and thank you for your support!

Fundraiser Link