Clarinista micro quorum parts

Parts from other sections that RMO clarinistas might play to fill in the gaps during micro-quorums or other situations - plus other ideas for keeping things varied. Download the PDF, or see the notes on this page.


RMO Songs - Bb Clarinet keys, micro-quorum and other options

African Marketplace (G): bass intro, harmonies:
bass into(?): GG DGG DGG etc

Bad RMOance RMO Remix (Bm): bass part??, trumpet chords?

Baraat (G): flute solo (melody), harmonize?

Bella Ciao (G (Em): bass intro, harmonize?, high solos
bass intro: E B E, BBCB

Brasilovic (G): play melody for A part, harmonize
melody a part: BD#F#…GF#D#F#...E A

Brass Beatdown (C): A bass part?
C C#...

Carinito (G): play melody (trombone/trumpet), help sax solo
sax solo end: …BABAGEE

Crazy In Love (G (Em?): call and response stuff, ascending bridge

Dead End Town (F): trumpet intro and other parts(?), flute soloing

Deceptacon (C): bass intro and other parts, some harmonies?
bass intro: B…A…E…D…

Double Bunny (Bb): bass A part
Bass intro: C GGG etc Bb, riff: CDEbDCG CCDEb etc … GF#AG,

Himno Zapatista (C): bass melody in bridge? Basic bass part?

Internationale (F: bass riff (intro), combo A part, stacatto melody, fanfare
Bass riff: AGEFF, trumpet intro: D EE, staccato A melody (see tenor sax), fanfare (see soprano sax/trumpet)

Kosice (E): bass intro, bass break, trumpet(?) part in B part?
bass intro: G# A, melody intro: F#G#C#A, bass break: F#G#...F#G#BG#

Leibdig (G): flute solo (C part)

Matador (D): flute long note part, harmonize?
flute part: F# B DEEDC#, F# B DEC#B

Merry Blues (C): trumpet intro, harmonize?

Mesecina (Bb): flute beginning and harmony, short in-between bass phrase
flute starting notes: DD C#D

Mr Big Stuff :

Naming Rights (F): bass intro and other bass parts??

Pharaohs Love Y'all (F? ): bass riff, some trumpet melody?
bass intro: F# GG, basic riff: GG CC FF Bb FF#GG

Push It (C): bass intro and later solo, harmony on B part?
Bass intro: D DC CD ACA x2, D ADAC EFECDN etc

Smash a Bank (C):

St. James (G): alternate registers, harmony?

Sweet Tater Pie (Bb): bass parts, high register
bass intro: G Bb CG CD,

We’re Not Gonna Take It (F): melody (trumpet) combined w/ clarinet part

We Shall Overcome (C): bass riff, harmonize vamp, harmonize melody
basic bass riff: (FF)GBb BbBbCBb

Which Side (Em): bass riff, trumpet head
bass: (BD)EE GGEDB DDE, trumpet head: EE, DDE, EGE, EGEDE