Booking Request

At this time, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra is accepting the following types of gig requests:

  • Full ensemble gigs: we would play a set of songs outdoors with our woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, while wearing masks and bell covers and maintaining adequate distancing between ourselves and other attendees.
  • Percussion-based chant support: we would play a variety of rhythms on percussion instruments to back up chants at your march, rally, protest, etc.

Please see our COVID-19 Guidelines for more details about which kinds of gig requests we are currently accepting at any given time. Note that we may need to adapt musically in order to prioritize the safety of our community at times due to COVID-19 numbers.

Considering all of this, please indicate what kind of musical support you are requesting at your event in the "RMO's Role" question below. If you are open to both, that's ideal!

We love to play events that support our collective liberation; feminism and women’s rights; the queer community; the environment; racial, social, and economic justice; police abolition; labor rights; ending ableism; peace; and community self-determination. Please read The RudeMo Rules of Engagement first, and then fill out the form below.

You should be aware that our schedule is very tight, our members are very busy and we cannot make every event. If we can’t do it, please don’t take that as a dis of your group or your cause. Also, keep in mind that if the facts of the event change materially from the proposal--for example, the nature of the event or the time or place--we might find ourselves unable to follow through with our commitment.

Please be aware we can be a really big band that has certain spatial needs.

Also, we generally need at least two weeks advance notice (more is better, and increases the chance that we can do it) to make a collective decision and make sure that enough RMO players can make it. Please provide as much of the following information as you can in order to help streamline our decision process. Note that not having some of the things mentioned below does not mean that we can’t or won’t play the event.

When does your event take place (date and time)?
Where does the event take place (venue, city, state, etc.)? Is the venue ADA-accessible? Is the event a virtual event? If in person, what COVID19 precautions--for example, masking--will be practiced?
What's your name / pronouns?
Who is organizing it and what is the group’s mission and history?
What type of event/action is this? What is the cause being advanced?
What is the role and leadership of people of color, queer/LGBT people, women, youth, or other marginalized groups in connection with the event?
By what date do you need a commitment from us?
Is the venue ADA-accessible? If not, what type of stairs, etc., are involved? To make our participation as inclusive as possible, we might need a chair or two if this is a standing gig, or help pushing a wheelchair, if this is a mobile gig. Would your organization be able to help with this?
What would RMO’s role be at the event? Would you like us to play a set of songs, or provide percussion-based chant support? Will other musical groups be playing?
If this is a benefit, how much of the funds raised will go to the intended recipient (i.e., percent, door money, bar money)? What expenses have to be covered from the funds raised (e.g., paying staff)?
Who are the sponsors of the event?
Is there money to pay the band? Again, this won’t disqualify your event, but hey, we gotta ask.
Will there be a secure place to store instrument cases and coats at the venue--or if a parade or march, will there be a vehicle to store our instrument cases? Will there be provisions (water, beer, food) for the band?
How many people do you expect to come and how is this event being advertised? (We’ll want copies of the flyer/online announcement to help us cross-promote the event if we decide to play.)
How do you know us? Where did you see us or hear about us?

To invite the RMO to your event, please include as much of the above information as possible and submit it.

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