Ouvrez les Frontières

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Ouvrez les Frontières (Open the Borders; Abre las Fronteras) is performed by our friends in Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble. Charts and lyrics may be found on their website.
Hear the melody parts nicely in the original version by Tiken Jah Fakoly: https://youtu.be/TOHLvIXQD10.

NOTE: The 2nd sound file on this page is the C part slowed down and looped.

English Translation of Lyrics

Ouvrez les Frontières
Open the borders, open the borders!

You come each year, summer and winter
And we, we always welcome you with open arms
You are at home here
It doesn't matter after all
We want to leave,
so open the door for us!

Open the borders, open the borders!

From Cape Town to Gibraltar
There are thousand of us who, like you,
want to come without appointments
We want to travel
and work too
But we have not
refused your visa applications.

Open the borders, open the borders!

We too want to have the opportunity to study,
the opportunity to achieve our dreams,
to have a good job,
to be able to travel
get to know what you call 'freedom'!
We want our families to no longer lack anything,
we want to live the life where we one eat's their fill,
we want to leave this daily misery for good.
We want to leave this place because we are all going nuts!!

Open the borders, open the borders!
Let us pass!!!

There is no longer a drop of water
to fill our buckets
Not even a drop of rain
at the bottom of the wells!
When the stomach is empty,
on the way to school,
one fine day, he decides
to take off.

Open the borders, open the borders!
Let us pass!

Open the door,
we are suffocating here!!
Plenty of us want the western dream!
Open the door,
the youth are struggling here!
Don't you see that for us it is vital?

Open the borders, open the borders!
Let us pass!

You've taken our beaches
and their golden sand,
put the animals in cages,
cut down our forests,
What do we have left?
When one has empty hands?
We are preparing for the journey
and we throw ourselves into the void!

Open the borders, open the borders!
Let us pass!


Original by Tiken Jah Fakoly. Arrangement by Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble