We Shall Not Be Moved

RMO's rendition of "We Shall Not Be Moved" was arranged in conjunction with the Poor People's Campaign (PPC) and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)'s choir, Sing in Solidarity.

"We Shall Not Be Moved" is an African-American spiritual, hymn, and protest song dating to the early 19th century American south. The song describes being "like a tree planted by the waters" who "shall not be moved" because of faith. Secularly, as "We Shall Not Be Moved" gained popularity as a protest and union song of the Civil Rights Movement. This song has stood the test of time by evolving over the course of decades and centuries, and has been covered by Pete Seeger, Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Seekers, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Public Enemy. Most notably for our purposes, Joan Baez sang this song in Spanish under the title "No Nos Moverán."


No, no, no nos moveran!
No, no, no nos moveran!
Como un arbol firme junto al rio
No nos moveran

We shall not, we shall not be moved
We shall not, we shall not be moved
Just like a tree that’s planted by the water,
We shall not be moved

This song is a zipper song, and therefore you can replace the lyrics each time you repeat it, depending on what message you want to portray that day.


When performed, we will use measures 13-16 as an intro.