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“Baraat” is Hindi for a marriage procession. In north Indian communities it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the bride’s house on a horse, accompanied by his family members. This often becomes a huge procession, with its own band, dancers, and budget. The song Baraat was composed by Canadian Mychael Danna, who is known for combining music from cultures around the world with symphonic soundtracks, as the title track to the 2001 film Monsoon Wedding.
Baraat is one of the first songs the RMO learned and has become something of a trademark. Our arrangement is based on a version by Titubanda from Rome, Italy.

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Mychael Danna, Canada

Original Song: 

Cheat Sheet:
1-bar piccolo/flute intro
1. Everyone plays tune (FORM: A B A B-prime) (i.e. the ending of the B
section changes the second time)
2. Flutes and light percuss. on A, Everyone on B
3. percussion break, ending in horns pickup
4. Everyone on AB, ending in horns pickup (then "whooh!)

Choreography Notes: 

Band Choreography:

During flutes-only A section, all other musicians "sneak away" from the stage and spread themselves out among / behind audience.

During B section after flute solo, all musicians play from wherever they are in the space.

During drum solo, all musicians work their way back to the stage, arriving in time to play next A section.