Theory & Praxis

Arrangement related sound file(s): 

An in-development tune written by Ryan for the RMO. I uploaded the current arrangement file, & a slightly improved midi file. Individual 8 bar audio tracks for the drum parts can be found here:

v.2 change:
->Added another solo section, "dialectics" where winds freely improvise on given pitches. After the drum solo and "A theory" theme is played by the entire band, drums and bass fade out, trombone plays a single tone. sections layer on top one at a time and improvise on the one or two pitches provided.
->The dialectics section is omitted in the audio file I uploaded. There is four snare hits to get back into A1. I'd like to collaborate with the drum section on a fill they think would be nice to include as the cue back to A1.

v.2.1 changes:
->B section has section moments between trombone, trumpet, and saxophone. (In a micro quorum situation, this idea could be dropped and one or two players can play it out without those trades between sections).
->larger coda markings
->spelling errors in notes
-> added lyre music

Arrangement File: 

The sound file is close but still needs some tweaking.